About Us

Apimba began in 2003 as an organization devoted to collecting information about biochemistry and making it available to everyone before it was lost. It is named after Aeri Park, a brilliant scientist who was born in South Korea, thus the name Aeri Park Institute of Molecular Biology and its Applications.

The goal was expanded as it became clear that all knowledge could be captured. Initially the focus has been on NMR and biochemistry, but it will expand to other fields as time goes on. Much of the material can also be obtained from wikipedia, but, based on past experience, that source will probably disappear once the backers realize its commercial potential and lock it up behind paywalls. Much of it will also get 'cleaned' by the social censors that are slowly taking over society. Truth is defined by those who own the printing presses is one way to describe the old saying.

Apimba is a non-profit so if you want to donate to the cause send your donation to 1717 Southworth Branch Drive, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, 47906.

Contact us at jstewart@apimba.org